At evening in the Fairy Garden
When the sun has gone to bed
The little Fairies gather
For a story to be read. 

They like to hear about the things
The older Fairies remember ~
The days of sunshine and flowers
And the glow of gold September.
The stories of the morning
When the sun emerges from the mist,
The days of love and laughter
When fairy life was sun kissed.
They listen very carefully,
But cobwebs fill their heads
And soon they are gathered up
And carried to their beds. 

They are covered up with petals
So that they will be warm
And always someone is watching
To keep them safe from harm.
They drift off on the dream tide,
They are tired for having played,
Evening is very lovely
In the beautiful Fairy Glade.

Linda J. Vaughan
September 2007

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