Take me back to the days of my childhood
When the air was sweet and clear,
When sun drenched days brought laughter
And happiness was near.

Take me back to the days when I could play
And lie and watch the sky,
Make daisy chains and have sweet dreams
And let the world go by.

Letís wander through the pathway
And hurry home to eat,
Knowing that the kitchen would be warm
And the smell of bread so sweet.

Let me listen to bedtime stories
As I snuggle down in bed,
Let me feel again that gentle hand
Touch my tousled head.

Letís row again on the river
Let my hand trail in the water,
Strong arms and big hands rowing,
A father and his daughter.

Let me feel again the wind in my hair
As I gallop through open fields,
Let me see again the harvest
And the resplendent autumn yields

I want to sit beside a fire warm
When the winter wind blow again,
Let me play at the beach
And splash in puddles in the rain.

I want to walk through the markets
Itís tastes and smells recall,
I want to swing again in the garden,
And see over the garden wall.

Take me back to the days of my childhood
Let me live there for just a few hours
Let me wander again in my memory
Let me smell childhood flowers

© Linda J. Vaughan

February 2007