In every heart there is a room
Where shelter can be found,
A place of love and memory
Where joy and tears abound.
A place of shelter from the storm
Where loveís young dream lives on ~
A place to visit often
Where families are one.

Laughter rings from this room
And comfort bears the soul
On angel wings carrying it back
To where it can be whole.
No aging here in memory
And days all long and fair
A special place to visit
Away from toil and care.

Love is fresh and new
And very starry eyed.
A remembered glance and touch
A smile of tenderness and pride.
Conversation soft and low
Sweet, sweet wine and flowers.
Visiting this heart room
Brings again the joy of hours.

The tears that have been shed here
And some brought sweet release,
The agony of waiting and watching
For morning to bring some peace.
The memory of gently cooling
A precious childís fevered brow,
The hoping and the praying
That it would be alright somehow.

In this room of your heart
Stand shelves of memories treasure
The bitter/sweet and painful ones
And ones which bring such pleasure.
Visit your heartís room often
Restore and find some calm
It is a special place indeed
And will shelter you from harm.

© Linda J. Vaughan

April 2005

The Pages of Avalon


Created with love