I am a fine china tea set
That was packed in a wooden crate.
I came to live with a family
And the story Ill now relate.

I was a gift and brought by sea
From far away Japan,
I travelled to Australia
A gift from a seafaring man.

The day of my unpacking came
And things got in a whirl,
But there was love at first sight
Between this tea set and a girl.

I was a gift to her Mother
And the girl would often look at me,
Gaze at my silver grey bamboo leaves
And my beauty she would see.

I sat for many years in a china cabinet,
Taken out and washed and replaced.
There to show my beauty daily
In this very special place.

The cabinet moved on
And I was packed away,
Wrapped in old newspaper
In a wardrobe I spent my days.

Twenty two years have come and gone
And today I was taken down
Put in a car and transported
To another part of town.

I was carried inside another house
By hands much older now.
I was unpacked so carefully
Familiar hands I wonder how!

I was treated to a wash and wipe
And then taken to my new place
I was placed in familiar surrounds
I was crossing time and space.

I was placed in a cabinet familiar
Oh yes I knew it well,
We have shared time together
Oh! The stories we could tell.

This woman who unpacked me
Gazed at me through misty eyes.
And I felt somehow at home
It should bring me no surprise.

I have come home and I am loved
By a woman of much older years
Who placed me very gently
And then wiped away her tears.

This woman loves my bamboo leaves
And the silver upon me
These hands are very familiar
Oh yes it is now I see.

The girl who loved me then
Has grown and matured,
She placed me very gently
She is somewhat self-assured.

I have come home to love and care
And pleasure I shall bring
Now I see the girl inside the woman
And to these treasures I shall cling.

I am a fine china tea set
And I have finally come home
I feel that I am settled at last
Since first I travelled the foam.

Linda J. Vaughan

September 15th. 2002.

After bringing home a much loved family treasure.

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