I lie in my bed and sleep eludes me
I toss and I turn and my pillow is wet,
The long hours of darkness envelope me
The night hours remind me of things I regret

I wish that I could turn back the clock,
Rewind the hands of time,
Undo some things I shouldn't have done
Reclaim the life that was mine.

This isn't possible and so I go on
Trying to live with peace in my heart,
Knowing that I have made some mistakes
Wishing to go back to the start,

The years move so quickly
And I find I am slowing,
Hindsight is wonderful,
I wish I had been knowing.

I have learned so much
And the lesson's been tough,
I travel on and steer my craft
Through seas that are rough.

Tears on my pillow where no one sees
Regrets and remorse, yearning and aching,
Long nights and sleep eluding me
Pain and sadness and a heart that is breaking.

Linda J. Vaughan
19th. September 2008






Music on this page is "Tears on My Pillow" by Kylie Minogue