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Some Days are Diamonds

Often things remain unspoken~
Those words we should really say.
They cross our minds so often
But we fail to put them into play.
Those little words of gratitude
For many kindnesses shown,
They often come to mind
When we are on our own.

This comes to sincerely thank you
For the things you say and do.
The things that make you special
And keep our friendship new.
The times when you look and see
And ask about my day,
The times you listen very carefully
And hear what I do not say.

Your interest in what I do
Support and laughter shared.
Those days you took the time to say
How much you really cared.
I remember very clearly
The times we laughed and cried,
I remember you standing beside me
Encouraging me as I tried.

You have walked the pathway too~
You’ve seen my pain and tears.
How often you have listened
To the depth of all my fears.
I thankyou most sincerely
For all the care you have shown,
Your friendship is a treasure
The best that I have known

My sincerest thanks come your way
For the sunshine of your smile,
For lifting me up when I have fallen
On another weary mile.
I value you and appreciate you
For so very many things
Thankyou for encouraging me
To give my dreams their wings.

© Linda J. Vaughan

June 15 2006

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