Where do you go to little child,
When sweet sleep fills your head?
Where do you travel to
After I tuck you in bed ?

I often peep in and look at you
And see you smile in your sleep,
I wonder where you are
And if the rivers are deep.

Are you a soldier with a regiment yours,
Do you fight fires or even drive trains,
Or are you a pilot who soars in the sky,
Or do you sail ships on stormy mains?

I look at you, the children of my heart,
And I give thanks indeed.
You bring such joy to all my days
You meet my every need.

My little girl – who do you become
After I’ve stroked your head,
Tousled your hair and held your hand,
Then tidied up your bed.

Are you a dancer with stars in your eyes
And satin dancing shoes?
Are you a movie star who features
On television news?

Or are you gently dreaming
Of the changes you will make
In this troubled world of ours
And the risks that you will take.

Stay warm and safe my children
And feel my love for you,
Know that I will support you
Whatever you may do.

© Linda J. Vaughan

April 28th. 2007

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