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A winter night, a full moon
And chill is in the air,
Wispy clouds floating by
Heaven seems without a care.

The light shines down on my pathway
Almost daytime bright,
I am truly captivated
By the beauty of this night.

I sit by the window and watch
As leaves blow around the lawn
I think of what is happening to people,
What a beautiful night to be born.

A car drives past and I wonder
The purpose of their venturing out.
At three in the morning
What is their journey about?

A light goes on in a nearby house
Of another sleepless soul,
I wonder the reason they canít sleep
And what would make them whole.

I imagine the ocean shimmering
By the light of this full moon
That pulls and changes the tides of life,
And makes the seasons move on so soon.

I think of life and the seasons
As they move through the years,
I sit and realize that my summer has gone
And I wipe away my tears.

The autumn leaves of my life have gone
And winter has come so soon,
A beautiful time and season
Heralded by a winter moon.

© Linda J. Vaughan
21st. June 2008



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