Come my little ones, come away
To the Garden with your friends,
To the place by the Lily Pond
Where the pleasure never ends.

Watch the river as it flows
Passing by the bending reeds
Remember you have company
To meet your every needs.

Take care of one another,
Be gentle, loving and kind,
Spread your gossamer wings over
The best friends you could find.

Older Fae are watching you
With kindness and tender ways,
Guiding you as you are growing
And helping you learn your ways.

Applauding you as you dance
Around in your Faery ring,
Listening very carefully
For your voices as you sing.

This Duchess wants to shelter you
With loving and caring wings,
For even little Fae make mistakes
And sometimes mess up things.

I am the Duchess of Avalon
Who walks in the morning dew,
Thinking and planning the days
And the things for you to do.

I walk in the Garden
In the warmth of noon,
Enjoying the little ones
Who are growing up too soon.

I watch as you spread petals
On the pathways where I walk
I stop and sit down to listen
As you excitedly talk.

I sit with you at evening
When the sun has gone to rest,
Reading you bedtime stories
Such times are the very best.

We watch the diamond sky
And gaze at the magic moon,
The night will be gone
And the morning come too soon.

Please know that I am here for you
And will tenderly care for you
Please call by and visit
And tell me the things you do.

Love and tender Faery hugs


Fairy Duchess of Avalon