Only The Body Withers


Only The Body Withers

Looking back in memory
I see the changing years,
I look into your eyes
And I can sense your fears.
I see you as a young girl,
With diamonds in your eyes,
The path which lay before you
Holding open, clear blue skies.

I see you as a bride
With roses in your cheeks
. Happy hours with love for you,
Drifting into weeks.
Weeks turning into years,
With children at your knee.
Raising happy children ~
You were as happy as could be.

I hear your rippling laughter
And see the tears you shed,
You were only happy when
They were tucked into their bed.
Soon you stopped and looked
And saw the years had flown,
They were now returning
With children of their own.

You tire more easily its true
And seem to need more rest
I see how you feel at the silence
Of this empty nest.
You were left to walk alone
Yet love still shone from you.
You encouraged us all
To do things we needed to.

Your body now is aging,
But not your heart and mind
Always you have been a Mother
Gentle, sweet and kind.
I see you now your eyes still bright
Your heart still full of love,
For all you are and gave to me
I thank the Heavens above.

Only the body withers
Not the heart or care.
You had so much to give
And always you would share.
I see you as a Mother
With dignity and grace,
With love’s pure light shining
From your lovely face.

Thankyou Mom - for being my shining light.

© Linda J. Vaughan

October 1st. 2006

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"Darling, I am growing old
Silver threads among the gold."