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Written following a murder suicide in country New South Wales, Australia.
I know it happens the world over but this touched my soul.



It’s just another Monday morning
And the year is moving on.
Get up, do dishes make the beds
And simply just carry on.

I sat down with a cup of coffee
And listened to the news ~
No doubt another opinion,
Someone else’s views.

Something made me stop and listen
And I was horrified ~
I heard of a young man, his wife and children
And how that they had died.

Not an accident this time
But at his own hand.
How long had he been thinking this
How long had it been planned?

He took a gun and shot his children,
He also killed his wife
Before he turned the gun on himself
And took away his life.

What have we become,
And where did sweet love go ?
Their families are shattered ~
No children now to grow.

What did those children suffer
And what sights did they see?
What agony of mind affected him
At least now – they are free.

But oh so very painful
For those now left behind
How many times will they go over this
In their tortured mind?

It doesn’t end when the gun is silent,
When they are laid to rest.
The questions will go on and on
Seeking answers in a quest.

What have we become?
It started with such hope
What problems were there for them
That he could no longer cope?

Was it drugs or money
Or a lover from the past?
None of us are perfect
And no stone should now be cast.

He took his family with him
He probably thought that this was kind
In some dark and troubled corner ~
In the misty recesses of his mind.

Their families now have to cope
And clear out all of the home
With breaking hearts and tears
They will ask “What have we become?”

© Linda J. Vaughan

21st. March 2005

The Pages of Avalon


The following day the news bulletin held this news:

A Woman’s Hand Held the Gun

I wrote about a family
Whose race now was done ~
Who lay dead in different rooms
Of the family home.

In this sad old world
Of trouble and strife
I suggested the husband had killed
His children and his wife.

Police now confirm that this was wrong
That a woman’s hand held the gun ~
That she shot her husband
And her children one by one

Tears roll down my cheeks
This really defies belief !
How could a mother take
Two little lives so brief.

My heart cannot understand
How she could kill the children she bore
What agony and pain – what suffering
That she just couldn’t take any more?

I guess she had her reasons
Her heart so full of pain.
All done now and over
No opportunity to explain.

Did she try and none would listen
To the anguish in her mind?
Or did she hold it all inside
And leave such tragedy to find.

It all brings such great sadness
To Family, friends and Town,
What double pain for Grandparents
Not to see those little ones grown.

What’s done is done
And we’ll never understand
The agony, the pain the tragedy
And the way this deed was planned.

© Linda J. Vaughan

22nd. March 2005

The Pages of Avalon





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