Keeping Abreast of Things


This is written for the women
For whom this year has been
A blur of examinations
And yet another screen.
Who have endured the nausea
The agony and such,
For whom chemotherapy and surgery
Have mattered very much.

It is for those we know and love
Who have fought on each day,
Never understanding or knowing
What would be coming their way.
Who have learned to drape a scarf
Or wear a wig with ease,
Who have tried to make life normal
We all know women such as these.

We salute you all and those you love.
As you fight this giant war,
We offer our love and respect to you
As we have done before.
October is Awareness Month
And we make a promise to you,
To our sisters and our Mothers
To do the best that we can do.

Please wear a pink ribbon
To show that you care,
When others question why
Please make them aware.
Your Mothers, your sisters,
You friends and your wives,
Raise awareness ~ raise funds
It could save their lives.


  Linda J. Vaughan

October 2008



Music on this page is Melissa Etheridge (A Breast Cancer Survivor) singing

I Run for Life.