It started very early
This fuss and Christmas haste
So much to do and thing to buy
Not a moment can we waste.

We decorate for Christmas
Our trees, gardens, homes,
Sometimes Santa hats are seen
Upon our garden gnomes.

There is an air of secrecy
With people all a bustle,
The very sudden movement
When we hear some paper rustle.

Our families travel many miles
To be back home again,
And often there is healing
After years of very great pain.

There is a special hope and trust
This season brings again,
For gifts far better than we can buy ~
Calm within our homes ~ steady soaking rain.

Children bring laughter to our hearts
And pets enhance our days,
They bring a special company
In so very many ways.

No matter how busy we become
As this season nears,
Take time out to rest and restore
To chase away your fears.

Enjoy the children in your lives,
Your pets and special friends,
May this special season leave memories
And joy that never ends.

Linda J. Vaughan
December 2007