"Sed fugit interea fugit irreparabile tempus"
(Publius Vergilius Maro aka Virgil)

"But it flees in the meantime: irretrievable time flees"

Time flies it’s true, so very true
And memory serves us well,
Wasn’t it only yesterday?
Ahh – there’s a story to tell.

“When did she get to be a beauty,
When did he get to be so tall?
Wasn’t it yesterday
When they were small?”

Sunrise, sunset
The seasons come and go
And often we are too busy
To ever really know.

We rush and bustle
And try to get done
The things that we must,
Seeing them as a battle won.

Where does it go this thing called time?
And how subtle the changes are
Grey hairs where there weren’t before
And it seems we have travelled far.

No little children to attend,
A flash and the teen years are done,
Then they make their lives
But it seems we’ve just begun.

Our skin is changing and our steps much slower
It’s hard to see aging as a friend,
We think of ourselves much younger
When we look back beyond the bend.

But the younger figures we see there
Are the children that we bore,
Things are very different for us
Than they were before.

We see love in their eyes,
We smile and quietly remember
That was the way it was for us
In the golden days of September.

We’ve had our spring and summer days
And autumn is our friend,
But it doesn’t sit comfortably with us
That winter could soon be round the bend.

Live each day with love and laughter
Under diamond studded skies,
Remember my friend how quickly
It happens and that time flies.

© Linda J. Vaughan
10th. March 2008

© 2008