Cherish each moment in time
With those in your family so dear,
Always be sure to support them
And let them know of your care.
Take time to say “I love you”
“I value the things you do”
“The times are very special
When I spend them with you.”

Be sure that your children know
How very much they mean,
Give them roots to anchor them
And wings to fly to their dream.
Be sure to make that phone call,
Or send that birthday card,
Remember to apologise
Even though you find it hard.

Take your Mother shopping,
Sit with your Father a while,
Listen to the things they say,
Cherish in memory each smile.
Remember the time they spent
Teaching you the things you know,
Recall the lessons learned from them
That you “reap whatever you sow”.

Maintain a sense of family
Reach out and touch a hand,
Be very brave and very strong
As beside each other you stand.
Spend time with your siblings
Recalling your childhood hours,
Be kind and gentle with each other
Take time to smell the flowers.

© Linda J. Vaughan

June 2006

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