Tis The Season


The Christmas Pageant came to town
The City was all-astir.
Bustling parents and children~
Magic in the air.

Santa himself arrived to stay,
To make this town his own.
So that little ones may visit him
And make their wishes know.

It took me back in memory
To the days when I was young.
How each day held magic
And there were songs to be sung.

Pine trees and Holly wreaths,
Tinsel, baubles and tinkling bells.
Angels and carols
And sweet cooking smells.

Christmas cards arriving in the mail,
Letters and parcels too.
Busiest time of the year
Each with so much to do.

Rustling paper,“please do not peep”
Letters to Santa and special replies,
The singing of carols
Underneath diamond filled skies.

Christmas trees with stars at the top
And the tangle of sparkling tree lights.
Driving around and seeing
So many other magical sights.

The wishes and greetings
And spending of time.
Hours on the telephone~
All these treasures are mine.

And in memory each year
I spend time and recall
How each Christmas holds promise~
The best time of all.

I see the changes the year has brought
And the joy of the year now past
I cherish the magic of Christmas
And know that memories will last.

© Linda J. Vaughan

November 10 2001

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