We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving
Underneath the Southern Cross.
Yet we have much to be thankful for ~
Care and love through loss.

A table fully spread
And warmth within our home,
White sands on which to walk ~
The smell of ocean foam.

The love of friend and family
A gentle listening ear,
Those who take the time
To chase away our fear.

Children grown and on their way ~
Health and happiness.
For those who understand
And seem to know what’s best.

Little children at our knee
The chance to guard and guide,
The joy of success
And special family pride.

Family celebrations
When we can be together.
The time to show our love
The time the storm to weather.

The peace of mind and heart ~
An empty lonely chair,
The gratitude we have because
We loved the one not there!

So when the Turkey is served
And the weather turned so chill,
Know that those folk “Down Under”
Give thanks and always will.

It is warm here and days are busy
And life is for the living,
Just know we celebrate with you
The loving and the giving.

So from Australia come greetings
That you will feel the love,
Coming from the Land Down Under
And wishing blessings from above.

© Linda J. Vaughan
November 27th. 2003