I somehow got to thinking
About our world today,
Of the things we canít control
And the things that come our way.
The things that we see happen
As quickly fly the weeks,
The damage and devastation
That Mother Nature wreaks.

The movements of the ocean
~ the wind across the land,
The agony and heartbreak
Shattering of dreams weíd planned.
The broken homes all scattered
And strewn about and tossed.
The dreams and plans and schemes
And everything thatís lost.

Weíve seen so very much
Of fire, tsunami and flood,
Earthquake and hurricane
Of drought and vile black mud.
We have watched the lines of cars
Escaping in the summer heat
With their treasures and their homes
Packed in boxes beneath their feet.

Our news reports have brought to us
Stories of those who died,
We have seen the agony
On the faces of those who cried.
We have heard the tales
Of the elderly who could not go,
And seen the faces of the mothers
Whose children will not grow.

And now they are returning
To what little now remains,
Of life and love and happiness
And we can see their pains.
As they view the empty playground
And the silences that it brings,
One child alone with no one
To push high upon the swings.

The mud filled hospitals ~
No use to those who stayed.
The ravaged sacred churches
Where frighted people prayed.
The seasons now are changing
We can feel winterís touch
How will these poor folk manage
Who have lost so very much?

I somehow got to thinking
Lord help me understand
The reasons for this agony
And the things that you have planned.
How much more can our sad world take
And what will the answer be?
I thought that I was coping and
I was doing quite alright you see.

Until I saw the lonely child
Whose friends have been taken
It left me with a picture
Of a world severely shaken.
I somehow got to thinking
About our world today
Of the things we canít control
And the things that come our way.

© Linda J. Vaughan
22nd.October 2005

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