An Older Love.................

The summers come and go
And we watch the seasons roll,
There are still stars in our sky
And love still stirs our soul.

The gentle lapping water
On the shores around the Pond,
The calling of the water birds
Of which I am so fond.

Lines on faces, a stumbling gait,
Confusion about what to do,
I look and see the young man
And remember I love you.

I hear the wry comments you make
And listen to your gruff voice,
Today - as years ago
You make my soul rejoice.

I see and feel the frustration
As you do the best you can,
You were, you are and will always be
My very special man.

Linda J. Vaughan

January 2007

Music from the film "On Golden Pond"

This page is dedicated to the late Katharine Houghton Hepburn

May 12 1907 - June 29 2003