A bright and glorious flower
Symbol of respect and regard
Why then oh why please tell me
Why for some life is so hard?

Daffodil Day is a day to remember
Those whose battle is done,
Those who fought so valiantly
And struggled to go on.

It is a time of memories
For those they left behind
Who struggle with their demons
And sometimes peace canít find.

It is a time for thinking
Of the days when the sun did shine
When love and laughter filled their days
And everything was fine.

Changes came and with them brought
A sense of urgency and more
And now they work and strive
And hope to find a cure,

So when you see the daffodil
Cherish the hope it brings
Gather strength and hope
When daffodils dance in the spring.

Bend in the wind and do not break
Like the beautiful daffodil,
Think of those who have gone
And those who battle still.

On Daffodil Day wear a golden bloom
With hope and with great pride
Let others see the hope you share
As you stand side by side.

© Linda J. Vaughan

August 2007 ~ for Daffodil Day

Daffodil Day is the Australian Cancer Councils largest
fund-raising day.


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Written with fond thoughts of my Brother In Law
Robert L. Vaughan
who lost his battle on March 2nd. 2007