As London Cries

Silence shattered suddenly
chaos in the midst
An outbreak of confusion
and cries of helplessness....
Blasts that rocked a city
as several of its kind
Engulf the people everywhere
in London at peak time.

The Underground a standstill
screams of disarray
Embraced in thoughts of panic
, what's hit us here today?
A moment to digest it
before another round
Reverberates the City
to bring it crashing down!

Murmurs of a power surge
somehow is to blame
Then talk of a collision
between two railway trains....
And all the while commuters
engulfed in gassy smoke
Fill them on the underground
so thick, they thought they'd choke.

Outside more confusion
what is going on,
Is it just a power outtage,
or has there been a bomb?
And then more pandemonium
comes in Tavistock Square
When a bus is ripped apart
as witnesses can only stare.

Multiple explosions
reported to abound
Throughout Central London
and shaking up the town....
Transport is disabled
while use of mobile phones
Is limited to emergencies
till the extent is known.

Something catostrophic
happened here today
Leaving people reeling
some injured in the fray....
A senseless act of violence
and though within its wake
Cannot destroy the nation
nor its spirit can it break.

Such a saddened state it is
that it has come to this
Violence, hate and murder
and all this senselessness....
All to make some kind of point
so all the world would see
That they too have the power
to control authority.

So let's gather together
joining now in prayer
For God to keep his angels
watching over there....
As we embrace the nation
who bore us from the start
In keeping all of Britain
close to our heart of hearts.

© Christina

7th July,2005

This poem was written by my friend Christina - please visit her site and enjoy her
sensitive and beautiful writing,

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