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Talk to me and tell me
The things that mean so much,
A smile, a kiss, a sweet perfume ~
A special tender touch.

The sweetest words of a love song,
A glance across a room.
The crunch of autumn leaves
And memory’s wistful tune.

The velvet skin of a new born
With that sweet sweet baby smell.
The feel of soft and downy hair ~
I know these things so well.

Tell me of the many things
That bring such joy to you. ~
The memory of holidays
And the things you used to do.

A hot and steamy shower
With water on your head,
Soup smells from a kitchen
And crusty home made bread.

Discussions and debates
Opinions well respected.
Oh the special feeling
Of just being accepted.

Candlelight and music
A dinner and sweet wine
Words long ago spoken
Which still in heart are mine.

Talk to me and tell me
The things that mean so much
I remember so many things
Of life’s tender touch.

© Linda J. Vaughan

March 5th. 2005

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