Come walk with me
Along the shore of dreams,
Share your memories of life
Your hopes, your plans and schemes.

Let's share the fears we hide~
Our darkest, quietest hours,
Let's share the memories
Of sunshine and of flowers.

Let's walk in the sand
And gather shells from the shore,
Walk in companionship and hope
And learn to trust once more.

Let's splash in the water
And let the pull of the tide,
Bring a calm and a joy
We never can hide.

Feel the wind blow the sand
And taste the salt sea mist,
Breathe the fresh sea air
And feel you've been kissed.

Let the trees on the shoreline
Serve to remind you
That friends really care
And always will find you.

Open your heart,
Let the memories flow,
Hold on to the sweet ones
Let the other ones go.

Talk of your dreams
As we walk side by side,
Let me learn of your family
As you share with such pride.

Watch the sun set on the ocean
Hear the seabirds calls
Listen to the tide swell
As it rises and falls.

Come walk with me
Along the shore of dreams
Let me tell you just how much
Our special friendship means.

Linda J. Vaughan
October 2007





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