Let evening come
and with it bring
A slowing to my pace
Some aches and pains
And wrinkles on my face.

Let evening come
and my memory stray
And confusion fill my mind
Let me hold on to the memories
The best that I can find.

Let evening come
and let me return
To days of roses and wine
Let me dance once more
With him whose heart is mine.

Let evening come
and let me be strong and true
Let me not despair
When I view the clouding eyes
And the thinning of his hair.

Let evening come
And let me hear the songs ~
The ones we sang in the early days
Let me remember the love we shared
And how faithful were your ways.

Let evening come
And I will not fear
What the days ahead may hold
I loved you then and I love you now
And will when days grow cold.

Let evening come
And this be my song
That different the days and bold
The memories of the love we shared
Will warm me when Iím old.

© Linda J. Vaughan
August 2007

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