I shall always remember
A very special white rose,
The love, the care and tenderness
Meant more than heaven knows.

You gave so much of yourself
As you loved and cherished him,
I saw laughter in his eyes,
His cup full to the brim.

He was happy spending time
With the family of your heart,
You opened up the door,
And let me be a part.

I saw respect and happiness
And family life complete
You gave him fifteen years of love,
So lovely and so sweet.

I watched your hurt as he failed
And heard your painful cries,
So very sad to watch you
Wipe the tears from your eyes.

Never will you forget ~
You’ll always hold him near
I know that there are empty times
When days seem so drear.

I just want to thankyou
For everything you did,
The special loving tender things,
The devotion you never hid.

From me comes special gratitude
And a few “I miss you” tears,
For giving to my Father
His happiest fifteen years.

Written for Jean – who truly did give my Father the best years of his life.

You were his “Rose of England”

His Yorkshire Rose

© Linda J. Vaughan

February 2007

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"Rose of England"


Ivor Novello