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"The Night And Me"

It is four in the morning
And the night has been so long,
Sleep has not been my companion
And in my heart there’s no song.
If my pillow could talk
What tales it would recall
Of the long and lonely hours
And the tears that often fall.

In this quiet early stillness
I often find release,
Waiting for the morning ~
Hoping to find some peace.
I love the velvet darkness
And morning peeping through,
The crisp cool of an autumn morning
A full moon shining too.

Soon will come the morning noises
As the birds begin to cheep
And I shall hear my neighbours
As they wake up from their sleep.
The newspaper will be delivered
With a wave from the Paper man ~
A cheery bright “Good Morning”
As he drives off in his van.

Soon car engines will be started
And will travel down my street,
I shall hear the children’s laughter
And the tramp of little feet.
Soon another day will be started
With lots to do and see,
But I cherish the time I spend
When it’s just the night and me.

© Linda J. Vaughan

7th. April 2004

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