The days of wine and roses..........
How quickly fly the years,
Filled with happy memories,
Laughter, fun and tears.
The early times of struggle
When busy were our days,
Watching children growing
Guiding their childhood ways.

The rosebuds grew and blossomed
And soon were in full bloom,
The days moved on and suddenly
We were passed our summer noon.
The wine has aged and matured
Been enjoyed and mellowed,
The love letters tied with ribbons
On papers that had yellowed.

Suddenly we were parents of adults
Who had made lives of their own,
Did we ever really imagine
How quickly the time had flown.
The days of wine and roses
Bring memories bitter and sweet,
When wine filled our glasses
And rose petals were at our feet.

Linda J. Vaughan
18th. September 2008