There’s a space in my heart
That nothing can fill,
I miss him today
And I always will.

I remember the laugh
And the silly ways,
And the joy that he brought
To many days.

He was stubborn
And kind and true,
He was honest and vocal ~
I am too.

I miss the debating,
Discussion and talks,
I remember the shopping,
The beach and the walks.

He was my Father,
My Mentor and Guide,
He loved me and often would
Speak of me with pride.

I recall the last thing he said to me
As I got into my car,
“Take care Girlie and be safe,
You have travelled far.”

A phone call told me he had gone
Leaving me to cry my tears,
But holding on so tightly,
To the memories of the years.

© Linda J. Vaughan

August 27th. 2006 ~ Three years today

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