Oh how I would like to spend
A week or two with you,
Nestled in our winter cabin
With nothing much to do.

A huge log fire and mulled wine
Long evenings to sit and talk,
And when the snow has stopped
We could take a walk.

A book to read, a candle glow
Simple easy meals,
The gentle quiet of companionship ~
You know just how this feels.

A special quiet time away
When we could be alone,
Without the normal daily grind ~
No fax or telephone.

Winter coats all hanging
By the fire to dry,
Boots lined up, windows shut,
And logs of wood piled high.

A comfy sofa and blanket warm,
Books to read and ponder,
When I imagine how this would be
I know I'd never wander.

Waking in the morning
When the watery sun peeped through
Nothing much to be achieved,
And nothing much to do.

I know that I would feel refreshed
From just this time away,
But I know it isn't going to happen
So I imagine it through my day.

Our winter cabin far away
From bustle, strife and toil,
Such special memories to be made
That none could ever spoil.

Linda J. Vaughan

October 2007

Music is "Baby It's Cold Outside"


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