I had made myself a promise
To buy no more Christmas things,
I have the tree, the lights the baubles
And lots of little bells that ring.
Now this special season is upon us
With just a few short weeks to go,
I have broken the promised I made
And bought more things you know.

My Christmas trees are special
And decorated with great care
One is decorated with family treasures
And the other has gold and silver there.
I cherish this precious time of year
When my table is adorned by special things,
I look with pleasure at the trinkets,
A doll, a drum and an angel with tiny wings.

I take this time to reflect and restore
And grateful thanks I give,
For the love of friends and family
And a happy life to live.
May kindness decorate my heart
And tender and sweet be my words.
May the spirit of Christmas fill my life
And may others know that I cared.

Linda J. Vaughan
November 2008


Christmas 2008
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