Come walk with me and take my hand
Let's go walking once again,
On the banks beside the river
Near Wisteria Lane.

Let's look back in thought and see
When we were young and love was sweet,
When for us the sun was shining
And wings were on our feet.

Music filled our sweetest hours
And diamonds filled our sky,
We laughed and loved and we were happy,
Never asked the question why.

We took this love as being our right
Never thinking about the rain,
Then showers came and skies were grey
And days were filled with pain.

We weathered the storms that raged
And life became a battle,
We felt the cold winds blow around
And heard the windows rattle.

The storm at last abated
And calm were our days again.
We had grown and we had changed
And we had learned from our pain.

We can't go back nor change the days
But we can look through the mist
That hovers over the river
To the days when life was sun kissed.

Come take my hand and sit with me
By the river once again,
Lets sit and talk and dream once more
Near Wisteria Lane.


Linda J. Vaughan

September 2007

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