Life is measured in new beginnings
But there has to be an end.
There has to be some pain
There has to be a sunset
And a night that’s black and dark
Before we see a sunrise
And hear the song of the lark.

On roads of life we are the wanderers
And at times we lose our way.
Often the night seems longer
Than the journey of the day.
Often in the darkest night
Is when we embrace our grief,
And gather strength to travel on
To find a sweet relief.

Our lives become quite tangled
And hard to understand.
We find it very difficult
To see the way that it is planned.
Each loss that we experience
Must be dealt with and resolved.
Our lives will not be whole again
Until the puzzle can be solved.

Often we have put away
In some “safe place” ~ a hurt,
A sorrow and an anger
For words that seemed quite curt.
Actions that we never understood
Or found acceptance for,
Are neatly “boxed and shelved”
Behind our heart’s locked door.

Suddenly at the most unexpected time
And in the most unexpected way,
We are confronted with some issues
Which we must face that day.
And memory stands before us
And as we open our heart’s door
We find that there are many wounds
Which are open and are raw!

A fragrance or a phrase
From a loved and cherished verse
May bring to us some anger
And cause our souls to curse.
An aching and a longing
For those no longer here.
The need to share with them
The things we still hold dear.

A piece of majestic music
So very often shared,
The memory of this shall always
Remind us that they cared.
There are lots and lots of boxes
In our memory store
Each with a certain heartache
That we haven’t faced before.

With strength and support
From loved ones who show their care
We shall open and sort out those boxes
And we shall bravely dare
To claim our grief and sorrow,
And gently work it through.
Acknowledge the pain and suffering
That we are going through.

© Linda J. Vaughan

10th. April 2004

The Pages of Avalon