I see them as they rise from a sleepless night
The pain etched on their faces,
They carry this world in their hearts
The times, the toil ~ the places.

Busy are their days with caring
And their nights oft hold no sleep,
For when their home is quiet
It's then they sit and weep.

Their memories go long and deep ~
Mistakes they've made or things undone,
Remembering the fatigue
When another battle's won.

Each woman's life holds a story
Of laughter, love and tears,
Nights beside a sick child,
The agony and fears.

Children conceived in love,
Who didn't get the chance to live,
The things they'd do and say
Just once chance to give.

Those Women whose arms are empty,
Who watch with mournful sighs,
Other women's children
Through misted tear filled eyes.

The Women who were never blessed
And never got the chance
To peep into a cradle
And feel their heart dance.

The children they loved with passion
For some, too soon taken.
The very foundations of their world
Disturbed and sorely shaken.

Go on they must and go on they do
But life is changed forever,
Forget these little children,
I hear them scream -"No never".

They watch as their little boys
Soon grow into men,
They see them march off to war,
To hopefully come home again.

Their little girls now women,
With children of their own,
Bringing such special joys
Now that they have grown.

Grandchildren grace their days
And their fears are now two fold
For the parents of these babies
And the children that they hold.

The Women of the World
Reach deep into their being
To pick up the pieces,
And mend the broken dreams they're seeing.

The lines that mark their faces
And the grey hairs they now wear
Are the trophies they have won in life ~
Fruits of love and fruits of care.

The Women of the world
Reach out to one another,
To sister, cousin, aunt and neice,
Grandma, friend and Mother.

They give unconditional support
Laugh and cry together,
With such strength and courage,
Any storm they'll weather.

Linda J. Vaughan
November 2007

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