I joined a group of on-line friends
For company and for learning,
Could this be the special place
For the contentment I was yearning?

A welcome warm and a “come right in”
Hang up your hat and be at home,
These were the words of welcome
That came from far across the foam.

I felt blessed as I took part
In the games and the fun found here,
And soon the members of this group
Became friends quite dear.

I joined other gardens and I struggled
With the things I needed to know
She jumped right in and offered to help
And soon I began to grow.

She taught me much about many things
And shared her family joys,
I feel I know them very well,
That family of girls and boys.

This group is spread all over the world,
And different the colours and creeds,
But always there is someone here
To meet our special needs.

A seventh birthday celebration
And I am lucky to be a part
Of an Internet Family
Held very close to my heart.

© Linda J. Vaughan


May 2007






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