It is with a heavy heart that I write this page – for I have always shared my work freely and with love.

Somewhere in the lead up to Christmas a piece of my writing was submitted to groups on the Internet with a name other than mine being given credit for the work.

I am quite comfortable sharing my writing – but it is just that MY Writing – and if you wish to use it - just email me and make a request which I will generally approve.

It is painful to see something I have worked hard to complete and which represents a part of me, being submitted and credit given to others. This is Internet theft and plagiarism and we must all work towards putting an end to both.

When a writer or artist submits work it is done in trust and it is painful when that trust is violated.

Please give due respect to those who share so willingly the writings and emotions of their heart – and make sure credit is given to the Writer – it is after all the Writer’s Domain.

Yours sincerely,

© Linda J. Vaughan