A writer's heart is tender
As she shares the world with you,
The deep and meaningful moments
And the happy times and blue.

Look inside my wide wide world
The oceans, trees and skies,
I will describe the things I see
And let you see it through my eyes.

Let me paint a picture for you
As clear as it can be,
Please let me tell you what this all means
Let me share my words so you can see.

Let me share with you the joy of morning
When sunshine fills the sky,
Let me express my comfort
When situations make you cry.

Let my words be part of the laughter
When times of joy fill your days,
Let me paint a picture for you
Of the sunís setting rays.

Let me describe to you
The puddles after rain,
The lifting of the clouds
When the sun comes out again.

Let me tell you what companionship means,
And how special the time with friends,
Hear me describe your journey of life,
As we travel around the bends.

Come wander through the garden
As I show you the greens and golds,
The pink and dew kissed rose ~
Smell the fragrance that it holds.

Look onto the canvas
And see the green and shady lanes,
The ripples on the river,
Raindrops on window panes.

See the children at the playground
Dressed in colours bright,
Come gaze at the full moon with me
And see the diamond sky at night.

Share with me the changes
Of the seasons as they turn,
The radiant autumn leaves
And winter fires that burn.

Let me paint in words a picture
So that you can truly see,
The beauty of this world
And what it means to me.

© Linda J. Vaughan.
8th. February 2007