Desert Angel Designs - Written In The Stars New Page 1



Some things are just meant to be,
Like an endless love thatís shared,
Smiles and courage and tenderness
Two souls that really cared.
Itís written in the stars,
For all who look to see
A love so pure, so sweet,
It could last for eternity.

The night sky whispers their names
For all the heavenís to sing,
Borne upon a gentle breeze
Such passion it does bring.
The silver wisp of a summer cloud
And a night soon to be gone,
The world exists for them alone
Whose hearts still beat as one.

The dreams they built together
Crumble in the morning light,
The mists of midnight and moonbeams
Too soon have taken flight.
Dawn comes too late to rescue them,
From a dream all blown apart,
Their love is forever etched
In the shell of a broken heart.

He is gone and she must struggle
To make sense of all of this,
She misses the man, the memory
She misses his special kiss.
She misses his strong arms around her
She misses his tender touch,
Her heart is touched my dawnís cruel light
She misses him very much.

© Linda J. Vaughan

March 25th. 2007



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©Desert Angel Designs, 2007