It is Christmas time once again
And many journeys will be made,
Rail travel and Long car trips
And flights may be delayed.

Santa has a journey
And gets ready in good time,
Packing gift and toys
And books of great rhyme.

Christmas and the New Year
Give us time to review,
The things that we have done
And the things we hope to do.

The year ahead is a journey
One we should plan with care.
Be careful of the thorns ahead ~
Learn to love and share.

We must plan our journey
With thought and kindliness,
Remembering that each of us
Need to do our very best.

We must take care of ourselves
Remember to rest and refresh
For if we are to achieve our aims
We must do our very best.

So at this time of holly,
Candles and Christmas trees,
Be sure to count your blessings
For journeys such as these.

Linda J. Vaughan
November 2008