The Colours of Christmas

Sitting now at start of day
I look around and see
The wonderful colours of Christmas
And the magic that surrounds me.
It is early Ė not quite daylight yet
But I have been reading for ages.
Sat with cup of coffee hot
And quietly turned the pages.

I love my Christmas tree
With its lights and shining star,
Each treasured little bauble
Brings memories from afar.
And Christmases across the years
I have felt the warmth of memory
And dried some silent tears.

The lights are flashing on my tree
And the colours are clear and bright,
Itís lovely to quietly sit and ponder
And wait for the morning light.
The Silver Star at the top of the tree ~
The Angelís gold tipped wings
A tiny soldier in suit of bright blue
There are so many things.

From our House to Yours in 2003 ~
A new one to glisten this year
A teddy with a red and white drum
A little crystal snowman so clear.
A tiny silver package, with bow of red
A golden trumpet and tinsel of gold
These are the colours of Christmas
And these are the memories Iíll hold.

© Linda J. Vaughan
December 10th. 2003